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PreFunc in New York City for New Years 2014!
PREFUNC and Scott Rogowski were at The Bowery in New York City for New Years Eve 2014!
PREFUNC at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah
PREFUNC and Nate Holzapel were in Park City, Utah for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival! Nate caught up with welterweight champion boxer Zab Judah, reality star Kendra Wilkinson and former New York Knicks player Ben Davis to see what they had to say about PREFUNC!
Your Liver Condom!
What is a Liver Condom? A proprietary blend of herbs that prepares your system for a night out. PREFUNC is not overloaded with synthetic vitamins- it's herbal and tastes herbal. It's a bitter shot for a better morning!

Why PREFUNC? Partying often results in waking up the next morning with headaches, queasy stomachs, dehydration, aching muscles, and foggy brains. These prevent us from functioning normally.
PreFunc at Times Square in NYC for the Big Game!
Join PreFunc at the Celebrity Flag Football Tournament in Teaneck, NJ!