How to Use

Are you…

    1. a business professional who needs to network every weeknight,

    2. a student who just can’t miss out on a frat party even though you have a final in the morning,

    3. a mom who enjoys those ladies’ nights but still needs to be refreshed for the morning school run,

    4. or a gym rat looking for the perfect detox shot?

      Then PreFunc is the multi-functional formula you’ve been waiting for.


      Party With PreFunc



      If you know you’re going to be drinking, always party responsibly. And the best way to do that? A two-ounce bottle of PreFunc as early into the night as possible. PreFunc should always be your first shot of the night.

      In the morning, wake up feeling refreshed and experience the magic of PreFunc. Head to work or class like last night was just a really good dream.

      How does it work?

      When you drink, enzymes in your liver metabolize the alcohol into acetate. But when your liver can’t keep up, there’s a build-up of acetaldehyde (AKA, the stuff that ruins your Monday mornings).

      Alcohol is a diuretic as well, which means it causes dehydration by suppressing the release of water to your body and sending it straight to your bladder. It’s the reason why there’s always such a long line for the toilet at the bar.

      PreFunc’s proprietary blend of herbs targets the metabolization process, rehydrates your system, and shows acetaldehyde who’s boss.

      Detox with PreFunc




      For those looking to refresh their daily routines and enjoy a kickstart to their mornings, PreFunc for detox is the perfect solution.

      Drink a shot of PreFunc right before breakfast, and, depending on your needs, prior to every meal in a day.

      You can even drink a shot of PreFunc an hour before your workout in order to boost your gym sesh through our blend’s natural detoxification.

      Feel naturally invigorated and fresh all day with PreFunc.

      How does it work?

      If your cheat days have turned into cheat weeks (or months), toxins accumulate in your system and make it harder for your liver to do its thing.

      PreFunc stimulates your body’s natural detoxification process through our well-balanced blend, boosting your liver’s ability to produce antioxidants and eliminate toxins. Talk about powerful stuff.

      Some guidelines:

      1. Do not consume more than four two-ounce bottles of PreFunc within a twenty-four hour period. We know you’ll love this stuff, but everything in moderation.
      2. There’s some math involved here, so don’t tell us you weren’t warned. Users usually need only one shot of PreFunc for every four hours of drinking. Normally, a person has about 6 drinks in four hours. (We warned you about the math.)
      3. If you’ve crossed the recommended quota, you should consume another shot right before you hit the hay.
      4. Do not consume PreFunc if you are pregnant or nursing.
      5. PreFunc is for adult use only. Keep your bottles out of reach of children.