PREFUNC is a revolutionary lifestyle management beverage for those who take their health and entertainment equally seriously. PREFUNC before your night out helps you to be fully functional and do what is really important for you in the morning after an occasional night of over indulgence. Made in the USA and bottled in a cool and convenient 2oz. shot format, PREFUNC is one shot that your body will thank you for tomorrow morning.

How does PREFUNC work?

PREFUNC is a synergistic combination of time tested herbal extracts, amino acids and basic salts that have been traditionally used for digestive and liver health. Research has found each of these ingredients, either individually or in combination helps support healthy liver function and gastrointestinal health, which is often compromised by excessive consumption of heavy foods or alcohol. The combination of botanicals also help support normal inflammatory response enabling your body to return to normalcy after a night out The antioxidants in PREFUNC help support normal detoxification function.

PREFUNC is primarily a natural product, so individual results will vary.

 How to PREFUNC?

Have a shot of PREFUNC before your night out or as early into the night as possible. In case you stay out longer than 4 hours, have another shot during the night.

Do not consume if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not consume more than 4 shots of PREFUNC in a 24 hour period. PREFUNC is for adult use only, please keep out from the reach of children.