1. What are the main benefits of PreFunc?
      The main benefit of consuming PreFunc is that is aids in optimum liver function. At its foundation, the PreFunc formula is a detox shot that helps your liver’s detoxification process; it’s just powerful enough to work with alcohol too.
        2. Will I experience side effects when consuming PreFunc?
          PreFunc blends together herbs that have been used for millennia in natural Chinese, Native American, and Ayurvedic remedies that have been studied for centuries and tested for results. Moreover, our product has undergone evaluations and proven to pose no side effects.
            3. I used PreFunc during a night out and still woke up feeling miserable. What did I do wrong?

              Our formula is engineered for those who value their early mornings. Follow our general rule of thumb when drinking: Users usually need only one shot of PreFunc for every four hours of drinking. Normally, a person has about 6 drinks in four hours. If you’ve crossed this recommended quota, you should consume another shot right before you hit the hay.