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The genesis of Prefunc is from the ancient 5000 year old science, Ayurveda. Indian mythology says that when God Rama attacked Ravana’s kingdom, Lanka to get back his wife Sita kidnapped by Ravana, Lord Rama’s younger brother Lakshman was mortally wounded in battle. The doctor asked Lord Hanuman to get some herbs from the Himalaya Mountain. Hanuman reached the mountains and found too many herbs so he carried the mountain to the battle where the doctor used some herbs to treat Lakshman. As known to everyone, Lord Rama and Lakshman finally vanquished Ravana.

 With more than 5000 years of perfecting nature’s remedy for mankind and with more than a billion people using products derived from this science almost every year, Ayurveda deserves more credit than it gets. Majority of the active ingredients in Prefunc come from the science of Ayurveda. These ingredients have been traditionally used to help liver and other functions.

 As we consume alcoholic beverages and fatty foods, our liver function is compromised. This leads to build up of toxins in the body that can cause undesirable side effects such as, indigestion, gas, bloating, nausea, headaches, cotton mouth, dehydration and foggy brains.

By addressing the source of the problem, PREFUNC is the only available product that does not overdose the system with synthetic vitamins while helping maintain healthy liver function that helps the body detoxify environmental and ingested pollutants, allowing the body to function normally the morning after. It is important to note that PREFUNC is not a replacement for consuming adequate amount of water and getting ample rest after a night out.

Each of ingredients in PREFUNC has been selected carefully after years of research into efficacy and sustainable availability. There is no ‘one hero’ ingredient in PREFUNC, it’s a synergistic combination of herbs, amino acids and salts that ensure that the consumer gets predictable and satisfactory results every time.

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