A prefunc shot lets you function like normal after a hard night out.


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Prefunc A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

Rs. 765.00

Prefunc Anti Hangover Detox and Refreshing Drink

Rs. 1200.00

Our Story

For those who like to drink socially but need to get back to the weekly grind.

You’ve probably sat at a breakfast table feeling miserable after an epic night or perhaps all those late nights at the office have just caught up to you. PreFunc was created because of experiences just like yours. First formulated by a master of natural remedies, PreFunc has now transformed into a non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free shot that prevents hangovers and puts your health first. We launched our first pack in 2013 and we’ve been partying ever since.

Drink up prior to a night out or consume a bottle during a cleanse. For a great night and a better tomorrow. Click below to learn all the ways you can use PreFunc.

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Say 'Goodbye' to Hangovers

Go ahead, attend that party. Have your usual quota of drinks. But wake up invigorated tomorrow. PreFunc is your means to a fresh morning after a night of social drinking. Engineered to help your liver’s natural detoxification abilities and aid its ability to recover from a night out, our proprietary blend of herbs puts your health first. So bottoms up! This is a night you’re going to remember.

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Made with science & Nature



I hope to have this on hand every time I drink from now on. It's amazing how much better you feel the next day if you use it. I took the prefunc shot early on in the night, then I mixed alcohol types all night and, for me, drank quite a bit. I woke up the next morning feeling like a million bucks compared to how I normally would. Seriously... prefunc is a lifesaver!


I always dread the day after drinking/partying, even if I just have a few, small drinks. I have tried PREFUNC 4 times now. It's unbelievable, I woke up refreshed each morning. One morning I even lead a conference call at 6:45 am and felt great. No headache, nothing. Amazing.


I was skeptical but decided to give it a try. All I can say is I partied like crazy and woke up the next without any ill effects from the partying. If you want to have a better time during and after partying I strongly recommend doing so with PreFunc.