Green tea leaf Calm. Relax. Stimulate.
Green tea leaf is known for its potent antioxidants called catechins. It has also shown to have positive effects on cholesterol levels and contains antibacterial properties.
Indian gooseberry fruit Rebalance. Invigorate. Energize.
Indian Gooseberry Fruit, also known as Amla, is said to be one of nature’s most powerful tonics for promoting overall health and longevity. Amla fruit is a natural antioxidant and a rich source of Vitamin C.
Licorice root Flavor. Decongest. Fight.
Licorice root has been traditionally used for chronic indigestion, heartburn and stomach ulcers. It also assists in water retention.
Phyllanthus amarus plant
Phyllanthus amarus plant has been used as a liver protectant for centuries. It is also an anti-inflammatory, helps combat diarrhea and stimulates the appetite.
Eclipta plantEmpower. Rejuvenate. Restore.
Eclipta plant is used as a tonic that assists with various liver conditions. It is also believed to help improve memory as well as possess antifungal and insecticidal properties.
Picrorhiza root Treat. Reduce. Protect
Picrorhiza root is commonly used to treat ailments affecting the liver. It has been historically used to treat indigestion and stimulate the immune system as well.
Fumitory plant Cleanse. Purify. Protect.
Fumitory plant is traditionally used to invigorate liver function as well as facilitate and eliminate toxic substances and wastes from the body.
Long pepper fruit Adapt. Restore. Rebuild.
Long pepper fruit is used to improve appetite and digestion, as well as treat stomachache, heartburn, indigestion, intestinal gas and diarrhea issues.
Boerhavia root Rejuvenate. Renew. Stimulate
It is said that Boehavia protects and supports the liver as well as detoxifies the body. It is also taken commonly in herbal medicine for pain relief. The leaves of Boerhavia diffusa are often used as a green vegetable in many parts of India. It is believed to improve and protect eyesight. Boerhavia diffusa has diuretic properties and is used by diabetics to lower blood sugar
Andrographis plant Disinfect. Protect. Intensify.
Andrographis plant has been shown to reduce inflammation and fight viral infections. It is known for its blood purifying activity which research has shown helps reverse liver damage.
Indian tinospora stem De-stress. Bolster. Resist.
Indian tinospora is used to bolster the immune system and help the body resist and fight infection. It has also been used as a stress reliever.
Ginger rhizome Warm. Invigorate Strengthen.
Ginger rhizome has been used for centuries to help combat headaches and nausea.
White leadwort root Cleanse. Digest. Stimulate.
White leadwort root is used to treat indigestion, gas and stimulate the central nervous system.
Asian ginseng root Awake. Revitalize. Restore.
Asian ginseng root has been traditionally used as an antioxidant to help with fatigue, boost the immune system and help the body fight off infection and disease.
Milk thistle seed Remove. Restore. Regenerate.
Milk thistle seed has been used for centuries as an herbal treatment for liver disorders. Research suggests that milk thistle extract both prevent and repair damage to the liver from toxins.

Additional ingredients include: Taurine, Water, Propylene glycol, Sodium citrate, Citric acid, Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, Potassium sorbate, Cranberry flavor, Raspberry flavor, Sugar, Sodium and Potassium